Zelda Tech Demos Vs. The Actual Releases (Image)


Do you still remember that gorgeous looking Zelda Wii U tech demo from a few years back? Did your opinion change when you saw the actual art style of the game this past E3? Nintendo is no stranger into changing things around from tech demos to final releases of the game. Take a look at this image showcasing the past Zelda Tech-demos vs. The actual released games.


Gracias, Enigmaunboxed via reddit!

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Adrian Martinez

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  • doom guy

    I actually prefer the art style of the new Zelda. Like the cell-shaded look.

  • ~OMEGA~

    Not complaining about the new artstyle tbh…

    actually if they do what they did with the gamecube and made two? one more realistic like the tech demo and the one they revealed? i’d buy both of them asap 😛

  • maxleresistant

    I would love to see the tech demo art style being made but the new art style is amazing. Anyway, can’t wait for the new Zelda

  • http://www.facebook.com/donalyn.dovalebrown Donalyn Dovale-Brown

    I’m sick of hearing how amazing the tech demo looked for the U version, It was nothing more than a beefed up TP-whoopdie doo-the actual game now, holy shit that looks purdy..

  • gwugj

    please no wind waker graphics. worst zelda in the franchise.

    • Jay

      Lier it was well done and fun.

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