Miyamoto Knows Nintendo Is Struggling, But It’s Times Like These Where They Find The Next New Thing


Mario and Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto knows that Nintendo is currently struggling. I think we all know that, in a way, Nintendo is struggling to reach the same success they had when they released the Wii. However, Miyamoto also states that it is times like these where they find the next new thing. This doesn’t worry me because somehow Nintendo always finds a way to pull through. With the recent release of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has seen a large increase in Wii U sales. Pair that with their extraordinary E3 presence and Nintendo is back on track to be the leading hardware company. What do you guys think? Is Nintendo in a good place now, considering their amazing E3 presence and increased number of sales of the Wii U?

Certainly we’ve had tough times before, but the numbers have never been as bad as they are now. In my years with Nintendo what I’ve found is that it’s always in those difficult times that we have a tendency to find that next new thing. And I think that maybe we’re seeing a little bit of that [now at E3].”

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Marc Villa

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  • tek

    They do always find someway to overcome their obstacles. Look at the Gamecube. Not a bad system, but didnt have great sales numbers. Then they released the Wii, and all hell broke loose.

  • botolo86

    I agree with this post. Nintendo has guts and Miyamoto-san is a creative genius!

  • Dirtyharry

    Miyamoto is a God. Done..

  • PcRules

    Yes they will come out of top, I just loves the great N!

    I am a pc gamer and have as said allways loved Nintendo so they will succed and for me both Sony and MS should just go away and rot somewhere LOL!

    Pc first and the only console you ever need should be an Nintendo console as Nintendo is just pure and fun just that epic and amazing  love only Nintendo can provide.

    MS and Sony on the other hand are just piss poor weak pc wannabies 🙂