Master Reboot Review (Wii U)


Publisher: Wales Interactive
Developer: Wales Interactive
Platforms: Wii U (Reviewed), PS3, PC, MAC
Genre: Adventure Horror, Puzzle
Release Date: June 24, 2014

When I first heard of Master Reboot, I was intrigued. Once I saw the trailer for the game, I thought to myself  “This looks really cool! I really want to try it!”. In fact, I was unsure of what to think about it before I played it. Now, without a doubt in my mind, I can say that I have never had an experience like this. In other words, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Master Reboot puts you inside the soul cloud, a system that allows people to upload memories to store for later access by friends and family. Your character doesn’t remember who they are or what they are doing there. Your goal is to go through each of your character’s memories to piece together who you are. The system’s antivirus program starts coming after you, because it thinks you are what’s causing the problems within it. As you access memories, the program will try to interfere with you to impede your progress.

The gameplay is well done, whether it be solving puzzles, using weapons or trying to progress to the next area of a memory. I had no problem with the controls as they work well. You can even switch between the pro controller and the gamepad at any time, which is very nice.  The puzzles ranged from being fairly straightforward to completely baffling. They are really intuitive and are straightforward, for the most part. Some puzzles took me longer to complete as you are expected to figure everything out on your own. It’s nice to see that in this day and age. I enjoyed the puzzles as they were really fun to complete and gave a sense of accomplishment.

Even though horror is a genre I don’t normally play, I found this to be quite terrifying in a good way. The overall atmosphere really nails home the horror aspect. I was reminded that I wasn’t alone in some ways that had me jump and scream. The environments and sound design worked hand in hand to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout my playthrough.  The sound effects constantly had me checking my back, while the music got my heart racing.  At times, it even played with my mind by having heavy fog in some areas and darkness in others. It even gave me a bit of claustrophobia as there are some narrow corridors that you can’t see around the corner from.

Speaking of the environments, they are beautiful thanks to the minimalist art style. It helps drive home the sci-fi aspect of this game. Every environment was easy on the eyes and didn’t overstay its welcome. In addition to how they look, the variety is great. They range from a forest to a graveyard, to even being on a plane. The sizes of the areas were also fairly varied,  from being quite large to somewhat small. I had no problem navigating and exploring the environments, even when I was struggling on a puzzle.

For the pacing, it feels just right for what you are getting. The scares aren’t too frequent and the puzzles break up those segments nicely. There are even collectibles that you can find in most environments which expand on the story. Even though I didn’t find all of them during my playthrough, I was still able to find a majority of them. In addition to the collectibles, there were also cutscenes that played after completing a memory. They aren’t too long, but they help piece together the story.  The amount of time it took me to finish the game was roughly 6 hours, which is fine for an indie title of this kind.

Now for what I found to be nothing more than an annoyance. For one, the framerate decreased in some areas and the game would freeze rarely for a half of a second. In addition to that, if you fail at the end, it doesn’t revert back to your last checkpoint. I had to exit the game and continue a bit farther back than what I would have liked, but it could be way worse.

Overall, I was stunned by how amazing this game is. Once I started playing, I didn’t want to stop until the very end. Even after I finished this amazing game, I still think about it, as it really got stuck in my head. This title definitely deserves to be given a try, even if you are skeptical about it. Definitely download if you are fan of horror or puzzle games as it has both and work very well together. Master Reboot is available today on the Wii U eShop for $15, and for a title of this caliber, that’s very nice.



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Marc Woeckener

Features Editor at Nintendo247
Been gaming all of my life and grew up playing Nintendo systems. I enjoy the Wii U, but I also play on PC and 360, as they have exclusives that I like to play. This is my first foray into gaming journalism, and I am very excited to share my thoughts.
  • Patrick Rafferty

    Good review, man. I’ve just finished the game and apart from the clunky platforming parts and the last bit where i had to exit the game and start again because the timer had gone to zero, i thouroughly enjoyed it. I think these guys should definitely be given a bigger budget for their next game and unleash their talent for pacing, storytelling,etc. ‘Bioshock’ on a shoe-string budget came to mind. And just like Bioshock, these guys nailed psychological horror and i think many people will be discussing just what the heck the whole story was about and was the ending a satisfactory resolution?

    • Marc Woeckener

      Thanks for the feedback! I agree, this game is one that will be hard to forget. I also got stuck at the end and had to back out and start again. The story is definitely one that I have never seen, but that is what kept me hooked until the end! The ending can be interpreted in many ways as well. This game is just dying to be discussed!

  • Marc Villa

    Great Review Marc!

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