Looking For Games To Play On The 4th Of July, Here Is What We’ll Be Playing


Like most Americans, The fourth of July is a very special Holiday for us at N247. We get the day off from work, and we get to spend it with family and friends. Although we don’t spend the whole day inside playing video games, we do like to get our little fix of gaming during the early portions of the day. This year, we have hand selected a few games that the N247 Staff will be playing before the festivities begin. Let us know in the comments if you will be playing any of these games, or if you plan on playing anything different.

[divider]Mario Kart 8[/divider]

Mario Kart 8 is the latest karting game in the series, and arguably the best one yet. The game supports local co-op as well as online multiplayer options. In the latest iteration of Mario Kart, the game brings 16 news tracks and 16 older tracks that have been remade. The game also brings new powerups, including the ridiculous “Crazy 8″ powerup, which arms you with 8 different powerups! Mario Kart 8 offers tons of things to unlock across multiple cups, so you will have plenty of things to do!

[divider]Tomodachi Life[/divider]

Tomodachi Life is one of my newest addictions, and rightfully so. Tomodachi, which is Japanese for “Friend(s)”, has you creating Mii versions of friends, family, celebrities, and pretty much anyone you can think of. While this isn’t technically a “game”, it is more of a life simulator. Your Mii incarnations can interact with each other, just as people do in real life. They can form friendships, get angry with one another, and even get married. Your Miis will have specific problems that they will need help with, and it will be up to you to help them out -or not.

[divider]Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition[/divider]

Guacamelee! is an action platform game that pits you as a luchador on a mission to save El Presidente and his Daughter. This title isn’t as linear as most platform games, and does allow you to backtrack to open up new areas once you acquire certain skills. The game can be played with another person via local co-op, and at times can be extremely useful to have the added help. Guacamelee is humorous and the cartoony environments will have you playing for hours.

[divider]Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[/divider]

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the latest entry in the Action RPG series of the franchise. Mario and Luigi must battle their way through the World of Pi’illo Island and Luigi’s imagination. The game does a good job at implementing the second screen of the 3DS and has plenty of content to keep you busy for a few days. Like previous games in the series, the story and characters are quirky and lovable almost immediately. It’s games like this that make me crave a Wii U version of the series. I can dream though right!

So there is our list of games that we will be playing on the 4th of July. What games will you be playing? Have you played any of the games listed above? Let us know in the comments below.

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