If Wii U Sales Numbers Increase, Nintendo Knows 3rd Party Devs Will Jump Back On Board


Nintendo Senior Director of Communication Charlie Scibetta knows that third party developers will jump back on board if Wii U sales numbers increase. A few days ago, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated that they would continue to develop for the console if the sales numbers increased. With all the recent announcements made by Nintendo at E3 this year, I’m fairly confidant that the Wii U will have the numbers that these third party developers are looking for. What do you guys think? Is it looking hopeful for Nintendo, given their amazing E3 presence and awesome first party games they have coming out soon? Let us know in the comments.

“We want the same thing that the third parties want, which is to grow the installed base. We’re confident that if we can do that by driving the installed base through first-party software, like Mario Kart 8, like Super Smash Bros., then the third-party developers will follow because then they’ll see there’s a large enough installed base that it’s worth their investment to bring their games to our platform. So it’s our job to grow that installed base to make it more attractive for them to come to our platform.”

“Scibetta wouldn’t be tied down to a prediction for how many more sales the Wii U needed before it was a more attractive platform for third-party publishers, saying that “each publisher might give you a different answer on that.” Sure enough, the publishers willing to talk on the record gave noncommittal but hopeful answers on the subject of future Wii U support.”

“We think that by releasing good games from fan favorite brands, like Mario Kart, Nintendo is taking steps to increase the Wii U’s adoption,” an Ubisoft spokesperson told Ars. “We have games coming out for the Wii U this year, including Just Dance 2015 and Watch Dogs. For any other games we announced at E3, it’s too soon to say.”

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Marc Villa

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  • Rawr

    The Wii sold the most consoles of the last generation by 20m, but had the worst 3rd party support. The Wii U has been out a year longer, than Xbone and PS4 but the PS4 has already outsold it, and the xbox is coming close. Unless Wii U sales increase very dramatically and 3rd party devs have a change of heart from whatever reason they had last gen to ignore Nintendo- I don’t see any scenario where 3rd party devs support it.

  • Whambamthankyoumam

    Nintendo doesn’t need 3rd party support. Right now XB1 and PS4 have so much overlap with each other and PC games that there is nothing unique about them. Nintendo will always have their own titles that you just can’t get anywhere else. Let’s face it, why would anyone buy a Wii U to play a game that exists on a more powerful console and/or PC? People come to Nintendo for Nintendo brand games. They’ll be fine with or without 3rd party.

  • kikaru

    @Rawr PS4 is still selling the most weekly, but the Wii U sales are actually fairly close to that of the PS4 after E3. XBox on the other hand is the console that is lagging the most despite what I thought to believe was a strong showing at E3.